RGB Series

I wanted to make some simple, fun arcade games. I’m still relatively new to the whole gamedev thing, I usually find myself on the design/art end, so thought keeping the graphics simple as possible, focusing on the old-school gameplay loops would be a good exercise. I wanted games simple enough that they don’t need much instruction, you can pick up and play without much direction, and learn from mistakes quickly. While they pull from classic mechanics, I hope I gave them all a unique spin.

You can play the games HERE on my itch.io page.

RGBrix: Homage to paddle style games like Pong and Arkanoid, but using a color matching/dodging mechanic.

RGBattle: Twist on Asteroids and other space shooters using a similar style and color mechainc.

RGBubble (unreleased) Bust-A-Move (or Puzzle Bobble, depending on your flavor) tribute with some similar variations to bring the series together