Website development, creative storytelling, video production, sound design, game design, game development, graphic design.

Came on board Day 1 when the project launched. It was something that definitely resonated with me, the retro style and focus on gaming. I first just offered to make some videos, but as time went on I found myself doing more and more, eventually taking over the reigns as Creative Director to bring the project around style-wise to what it is now. My main goals and responsibilities are

  • Conceptualizing and developing creative campaigns that align with the project’s vision and objectives
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including game developers, graphic designers, and writers, to create cohesive and engaging content
  • Managing and mentoring creative team members, providing feedback and guidance to ensure high-quality output
  • Conducting market research and staying up-to-date with industry trends to inform creative direction and strategy
  • Overseeing the development of brand guidelines and ensuring consistency across all creative assets
  • Leading presentations and pitches to clients or stakeholders to sell creative concepts and campaigns

I am heavily involved in the game design process, collaborating with our developers to create new concepts and refine existing ones. I provide feedback on gameplay mechanics, level design, and overall user experience, working to ensure that each game is both fun and challenging for players.

Graphics Sampling

Smarty Penguin Loop

I also lead the production of our video content, including game trailers, promotional videos, and tutorials. I strove create engaging and visually compelling content that highlighted the unique features of our games and platform. I am responsible for the overall direction of each video, including scripting, storyboarding, sound and editing.

YouTube (All ran & created by me):

Medium (Written & edited by me):

Website Development

Created ChainCade’s Community Hub, a social / forum platform controlled by the players. The more a player plays ChainCade games, the more moderation, control, and access they have in the Community Hub, along with showing off their stats.

Community Hub:

Game Development

Currently working on my first solo game, “Pizza Time!”, a top-down arcade style game where you try to deliver pizza as fast as possible.

UI Mockup

Throughout my time at ChainCade, I am always proud part of an incredibly talented team and helping to bring our Retroverse vision to life.

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