Bryan Carmody

Working with Bryan has been a blast! Getting to get my hands really into setting up a music / sound studio has been a dream now being fulfilled! Bryan needed a backup solution, networking, and a handful of other things a ‘lone ranger’ really could use a ‘Tonto’ for, so I stepped in to help him out.

Some of the big things he needed was to get his website refreshed ASAP, and got to work on a full redesign. Vimeo content (which is essentially a portfolio) needed to be up to date, and get some helpful automation in his workflow. Also have been fortunate enough to have already had the chance to do some video work as well!

Here’s the Wayback Machine screen shot of the site before:

Be sure to stop by the site and see what it looks like now!

I am also extremely proud of the video reel I put together for him for sponsoring the Ultimate Voice Over Survivor. To be fair, having such a good voice and well produced spots to work with almost made it feel like cheating.

Here’s a quick ( <2 hour turnaround) Valentine’s day Video I put together for him.

Here’s a video we put together for the 4th of July ’23 featuring just a small handful of the “American Made” brands and companies he has worked with.